Schools in the UK and the USA

The UK: In England and Wales, 93 % of schools are free state schools and 7% are бprivate schools. Confusingly, some private independent schools are called ‘public’ schools! The most famous is probably Eton. Scotland has its own education system.

The US: 90% of schools are free state schools. Most of the private schools were set up by religious groups. Most of the private schools were set up by religious groups.

The UK: Education is compulsory from five to sixteen years of age. There are three main stages: primary (Years 1-6); secondary (Years 7-11); and optional ‘sixth form’ (two or three years of pre-university study). State secondary schools are mainly ‘comprehensive schools’, which means pupils don’t have to pass a special exam to go there. In some areas, though, local authorities operate a ‘selective’ system.

The US: There is no national system but most states have compulsory education from five to sixteen. There are twelve ‘grades’: elementary school (1st- 8th grade); high school (9th-12th grade). Some states have ‘junior high’ schools (7th-9th grade).

The UK: The England and Wales have a national curriculum (Scotland has its own) and pupils have to study core subjects like maths, English and science. At fourteen, students can study optional subjects. At sixteen, pupils specialize and choose three or four subjects.

The US: There is no national curriculum but in most states, core subjects are compulsory. Students can also choose options or ‘electives’. Some of the most popular of these are performing arts, cooking and driver’s education

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